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About BazarApart

BazarApart is a "concept store" specialised in familiar and new Authentic & Apart articles and gifts.


  • "Bazar" means that we have a very large product assortment
  • "Authentic" means that all our products are produced as authentically as possible, which means no production in low-wage countries, no sweatshops, no child labour, etc...
  • "Apart" means that every article possesses a certain originality, special things which are not easily found elsewhere


BazarApart strives to offer products that are as much in line as possible with our core values:

  • Retro: nostalgic things that remind of "the good old days"
  • Durable: antiques & vintage of "the future"
  • Correct: optimal relation between price and quality
  • Green/Eco: an ecological footprint as small as possible
  • Artisan: hand-made products with respect for traditions
  • Ethical/honest: social responsibility
  • Esthetical value: a thing of beauty is a joy forever...

Our brands

Today, we have the following brands "Made in...":

  • Belgium
    • Metrax-Craye: woven Flemish wall tapestries, cushions, draught excluders, and bags
    • Dekocandle: artisan candles and decoration
    • Les Savonneries Bruxelloises: natural soaps
    • Gaëtan Carpentiers: artisanal blacksmith-art
    • Abeco-MyWish: lighting (chandeliers, lamp-shades, table lamps,...)
    • Leda Gheysen: artisan jewels with Swarovski elements
  • France
    • Lothantique / Amélie & Mélanie: scents and wellness products
    • L'essentiel de Lavande: artisan products based on essential lavender oil
    • Code Postal: original reproductions of 1930's leather postal bags
    • Les Bouillottes de Béa: luxury hot water bottles
    • Les Invasions Éphémères: bags, toiletry bags, and pencil cases
    • Laguiole : (pocket)knives, & accessories
    • Atelier du Requista: handmade Laguiole pocket knives
    • Opinel : (pocket)knives & accessories
  • Switzerland
    • Caran d’Ache: writing instruments and accessories, drawing supplies, and leather goods
    • Victorinox: (pocket)knives & accessories
  • United Kingdom
    • Ashleigh & Burwood: handmade fragrance lamps and perfumes
    • Taylor of Old Bond Street: shaving products for men


Frontal view of BazarApart, situated in the centre of Aarschot (Belgium). Our store was established in 1875 in exactly the same place. In the mean time, we have arrived at the fifth generation!

  • Germany
    • Picard: leather goods
    • Goebel: art reproductions in glass and porcelain (e.g. Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha, Rosina Wachtmeister, Thierry Poncelet, Nadal, …)
    • Lamy: writing instruments and leather goods
    • Kaweco: writing instruments and leather goods
    • Werkhaus: original articles made from MDF and printed with exceptional photo-drawings
    • Design im Dorf: original wooden and metal pieces of decoration
    • Bindewerk: manually bound books, diaries, agendas, ...
    • Mühle: nostalgic shaving gear and accessories for men
    • Belly Moden: woven bags, toiletry bags, and pencil cases
    • Leschi, Remember, Cedon, & DeKoop: gadgets
  • Italy
    • Miho Unexpected: very unexpected colourful MDF gadgets
    • WICE: design wine coolers
  • Spain
    • Miquelrius: stationary
  • Sweden
    • Iris Hantverk: wooden wellness accessories (made by disabled people)
  • Rumania
    • DIS: traditional pine furniture, made to measure possible
  • United States
    • Zippo: lighters & accessories

I wish you a pleasant shopping experience at the BazarApart webshop!

Tom Herbots
Director of BazarApart bvba