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About BazarApart


BazarApart is a "concept store" specialised in familiar and new Authentic & Apart articles and gifts.


  • "Bazar" means that we have a very large product assortment
  • "Authentic" means that all our products are produced as authentically as possible, which means no production in low-wage countries, no sweatshops, no child labour, etc...
  • "Apart" means that every article possesses a certain originality, special things which are not easily found elsewhere



BazarApart strives to offer products that are as much in line as possible with our core values:

  • Retro: nostalgic things that remind of "the good old days"
  • Durable: antiques & vintage of "the future"
  • Correct: optimal relation between price and quality
  • Green/Eco: an ecological footprint as small as possible
  • Artisan: hand-made products with respect for traditions
  • Ethical/honest: social responsibility
  • Esthetical value: a thing of beauty is a joy forever...

I wish you a pleasant shopping experience at the BazarApart webshop!


Tom Herbots
Grand Poobah