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Bamboo - Underpants

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Bamboo Belgium delivers timeless collections that can undoubtedly be purchased in good conscience, by anyone.

- For now, there are 3 types of bamboo fabric available: viscose & sweat fabric, which both contain a good amount of elastane, and bamboo satin. Each one of these is incredibly soft, light and comfortable to wear.
- Bamboo is an anti-bacterial and breathable fabric. As a result, three times more moisture is absorbed than other substances. You’ll feel fresh all day long and unpleasant odours are less likely to remain.
- Bamboo is an anti-allergic, skin-friendly substance. Bamboo Belgium’s fabric is OEKO-Tex100 certified. This means that the fabric is completely free from harmful chemicals.
- Bamboo clothing has thermo comfort and UV protection. It feels warm in the winter and cool in the summer
- Bamboo Belgium offers a very wide size range, with a good eye for inclusivity of all shapes and sizes.
- You should avoid putting your bamboo clothing in the dryer, but the items can be washed up to 60°C and don’t have to be ironed if you hang them to dry on a clothes hanger.

Bamboo clothing is becoming increasingly popular, not only because of its ease of maintenance or the luxurious soft feel and wearing comfort, but also because of its durable and environmentally friendly properties. Compared to traditional textiles, the production of bamboo textiles is 80% less harmful to the environment, due to a whole lot of assets:
- It’s fast growing crop that can grow anywhere
- The use of pesticides or fertilisers is unnecessary; limited amounts of rainwater and sun are enough
- The yield of the harvest is 10x as much and the plants can be harvested indefinitely
- Bamboo absorbs 35% more CO2 than other plants.
- Bamboo is renewable material that is perfectly compostable
- Our Bamboo clothes are produced in Portugal, within a radius of 80km, which significantly brings down the amount of pollution that typically comes with the transportation of clothes during production
- The businesses and factories involved in the whole production process recycle their wastewater and are constantly looking for ways to repurpose the waste that is inevitably issued from the manufacturing procedures.

At both BazarApart and Bamboo Belgium, we strongly believe that every person, wherever in the world, deserves a living wage that can at least cover the costs of food, shelter, clothing, education and medical care for a family. That is why we only work with partners who pay their employees a living wage, at the minimum. Bamboo Belgium takes the wellbeing of everyone who works on their collection very seriously, so entire production process is transparent from start to finish and as sustainable as possible. This falls perfectly in line with our beliefs and principles at BazarApart, as we focus on authentic & European production.

If for some reason you wouldn’t be satisfied with your purchase, you certainly may return you clothing item, BUT: as our shops are rather small, we have limited supplies of clothing sizes. We’d appreciate it if you could return or exchange your purchases withing 10 days of recieving them. This way, we don’t have to miss a size in our shops and might be able to make someone else happy with it! :)

Made in Belgium
Collection Basic / Slow fashion
Type of clothing Underwear