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Enjoy the feel-good factor. Live life to the full. Set trends, don’t follow them.

The fashion-conscious, sophisticated woman wants a look that reflects every aspect of her personality. She knows what she wants, takes the initiative and is confident of her dress sense. Apanage takes this desire and uses it to create into modern, fresh collections. Their designers prepare the collections with passion, an intuitive feel for new trends and irrepressible enthusiasm.

Apanage does not design for other people, they design for themselves: This is what makes Apanage a successful brand! And it’s the reason why style-conscious women feel the allure of Apanage. Apanage strikes the right balance between colour themes, quality fabrics and a realistic cost-performance ratio.

Apanage, set up in 1996 as a subsidiary of Nienhaus & Lotz GmbH, developed rapidly into a successful brand by achieving what really counts in the market of the future: speed and flexibility. The company offers a contemporary, co-ordinated collection that makes use of everything that’s new in fashion trends for its target groups. Apanage offers excellent merchandise quality, up-to-the-minute exciting monthly ranges and a variety of mix-and-match combinations.

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