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Dovo Solingen - Straight razor - Folding - Faux Pearl ''Bismarck'' handle - 6/8''

Dovo Solingen - Straight razor - Folding - Faux Pearl “Bismarck” handle - 6/8"
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»DOVO« Solingen – a name and a place which stands for quality, design and experience. Since 1906, Dovo engages daily in development, presentation and production of premium cutlery and shaving items. All over the world their products are valued highly and they often last a lifetime. This timeless grooming essential is crafted out of carbon steel with a full-hollow grind, preferred by most "cut-throat" shavers. This high quality steel has been carefully produced to bring you the hardness, elasticity, and resistance to wear that you expect from Dovo. At 5/8", this blade is great for the general removal of beard growth and stubble. The beautiful blade has gold etching on the flat of the blade as well as the back and decorated tang. The elegant lines of this razor continue with the imitation Mother-of-Pearl handle. The depth and texture of the handle lead to a razor that is an heirloom in the making. With proper care, this grooming essential will give you years of great shaves. Make sure to clean and dry entire razor after each use and store in a well-ventilated area. Use a hanging strop to maintain your edge to ensure the smoothest shave possible.
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Made in Germany
Brand Dovo Solingen
Type Razor
Series Professional
Name Straight / folding
Colour Pearl
Material Carbon steel
Technical characteristics Carbon steel - Blade: 6/8" Full hollow - Top: Round - Back width: 5,5 mm - Weight: 54 grams
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