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I-Clip Cardholder (1-12) cards & money clip - Veggie - Red

I-Clip Cardholder (1-12) cards & money clip - Veggie - Red
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The I-Clip is a small, slim and sleek cardholder for up to 12 cards that fits in any pocket. 1-12 Cards and an integrated money clip in a 15mm (1/3 inch) wallet is breaking every record. Having all you need at your fingertips, your I-Clip buys you the time for a smile. A little wink that makes the difference... The I-Clip fits perfectly in the front pockets of your jacket, trousers, or shirt. You carry all you need in a safe spot. Usage: Place the front of your cards towards the big viewing space, the most used card towards the top. This way, you can have it available in less than a second. For the other cards, just flip through the cards until you see the one you need. Simply pull it out from the bottom. After a short time of use, you will handle your I-Clip like a magician! Bank notes can be folded twice, with one end under the ergonomic clip. Ideally, you put the bigger bills in the stack first and the smaller ones on top. Pull out a bank note and slip it back in. The leather cover provides the necessary discretion. Materials: Only high-quality selected materials are used to obtain an excellent product. The specially developed high-tech compound and its treatment leads to the stainless steel aspect while saving weight compared to metal. The clip has a permanent and well-balanced strength that prevents cards and bills from damage. Thanks to its softly rounded corners, the I-Clip is pleasant to wear. This vegan version consists of a synthetic felt with a polyurethane (PU) coating in a crepe paper look and is therefore also from the outside very good distinguishable from leather. Packaging: The I-Clip comes in a black cardboard box with linen surface. A small booklet explains all the features that the I-Clip has to offer.
More Information
Made in Germany
Brand I-Clip
Collection Synthetic goods
Type Card case
Series Veggie
Name Red
Colour Red
Material Synthetic felt with polyurethane (PU) coating
Length (cm) 8.40
Width (cm) 6.00
Height (cm) 1.50
Technical characteristics Guaranteed leather-free!
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