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Bathhouse - Lip balm - Cooling protection - Menthol

The perfect therapy to keep dry lips healthy and optimally hydrated, this menthol lipbalm revives and deeply nourishes. The lipbalm is made with a unique blend of natural butters, extracts and plant oils, 100% natural.
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More Information
Made in United Kingdom
Brand Bathhouse
Collection Body & Beauty
Series Skincare
Name Natural
Content 15 gr
Fragrance Spanish fig, nutmeg
Technical characteristics

- Avocado Oil - Packed with vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E, recommended for sensitive or problem skin
- Castor Seed Oil - to soften and hydrate the skin
- Cocoa Butter - moisturising and conditioning
- Coconut Oil - A mild, protective and moisturising oil, suitable for sensitive skin
- Menthol - Therapeutic and soothing, Rice Bran Oil - Vitamin-rich, rich in antioxidants
- Shea Butter - deep-moisturising, naturally rich in Vitamins A and E
- Sweet Almond Oil - rich in Vitamin E, promoting healthy skin, Vitamin E - hydrates and protects the skin.

Material Tin can
Shape Round
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