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Mr. Natty - Beard Brush

It’s a brush. Use it on your beard as instructed above. Or your hair, it will work on your hair too. Because it’s a brush.
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We see a lot of beards here at Mr Natty and let’s be honest fellas, a lot of what we see ain’t pretty. It’s one thing to grow one, another thing to make it look good. All our elixirs and soaps are incredible and go a long way to making your face forest look sharp, but this here brush? This is the icing on the cake. It’s made of beech wood (feels great in your hand) and has pure boar bristles (cut at different lengths to get deep into your beard). Did you know that brushing your beard releases sebum oil from your skin that keeps your beard naturally moisturised? You do now. Plus brushing helps with your split ends so you spend less time trimming with scissors? It also encourages your beard to grow in a uniform direction so that it looks properly sharp and cared for. Make sure your beard is the beard.
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Made in United Kingdom
Brand Mr. Natty
Collection Male Grooming
Type Haircare
Series Moustache & Beard
Name Brush
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