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Amélie & Mélanie - Fragrance diffuser - Au crépuscule

An ideal and simple way to scent your home! Made in France.
Place the reeds into the bottle, the fragrance seeps up through the wood and fills each space with its own signature fragrance.
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It is an extraordinary moment when, as if by magic, the hint of a mysteriously enchanting fragrance envelops you.
An excitement stirs your senses, then as SHE appears, in the dead of the night, glowing and luminous.
Adorned in a sparkling dress, her perfume is an amazing cocktail of rose and patchouli…
More Information
Made in France
Brand Lothantique
Collection Home Fragrances
Type Fragrance diffuser
Series Diffusers
Content 400 ml
Fragrance Red fruits, rose, patchouli
Technical characteristics

Diffusion time : round 4 months

Material Glass bottle
Shape Square
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