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Amélie & Mélanie - Rêve d'Anges - Angel soap 150 g

Amélie & Mélanie - Rêve d'Anges - Angel soap 150 g
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Rêve s’Anges, the dream of angels: the soft spicy scent that invitingly enfolds you whilst sleeping as an angel, with sweet comforting dreams and a feeling of security by the sensual embrace of warm soft down feathers… This soothing scent has a perfume based on top notes of orange, heart notes of patchouli, and base notes of vanilla. Soft foaming agent from vegetable origin, leave skin soft and perfumed. For all skin types, daily use. No parabens, no BHT. Vegetable base formula, enriched in shea butter. Cellophane wrapped. Finished product not tested on animals.
More Information
Made in France
Brand Lothantique
Type Soap
Collection Body & Beauty
Series Soaps
Name Amélie & Mélanie - Rêve d'Anges
Content 150 gr
Fragrance Angelic (orange, patchouli, vanilla)
Colour White
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