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Muhle - Safety razor - Vivo - Plum tree wood


Safety Razor with closed comb and screw top from the Mühle Vivo series. The handle is made from polished resin. The ergonomic convex shape of the handle narrows near the chrome base and sits comfortably in the hand. Suitable for all tyes of double edge blades.

Weight: 66 grams. Length: 10,7cm.

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Mühle VIVO shavingbrush: pure badger, handle material made of high-grade resin Pure badger shaving brush, shaving brush size M = medium shaving brush head with 21 mm ring.
The new VIVO series from MÜHLE reinterprets the classic design vocabulary of its predecessors while developing it further at the same time. The slightly bulbous shape of the handle tapers down to the chrome-plated base. The opposite curve of the brush and the razor is a typical stylistic feature of classic design which at the same time facilitates a secure fit in a specially developed holder. The handles made of high-grade resin are manufactured in the colours horn brown, black and ivory, or made of reddish, gleaming plum wood. Both the exclusive high-grade resin polished to a glossy finish and the natural surface of the wood are pleasant to the touch. In the combination of form, weight and surface quality the brushes and razors satisfy not only aesthetic, but also ergonomic requirements.
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Made in Germany
Brand Mühle
Collection Intro
Type Razor
Series Vivo
Name Safety razor
Colour Wood
Item code R331SR
Material Handle: plum tree wood
Packaging Cardboard box
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