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Senz - Stick umbrella - Original - Cooltech

Senz - Stick umbrella - Original - Cooltech
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The first and number one storm umbrella: the senz° original is comfortable, stylish and designed so that it will never go inside out, even in a storm. The unique aerodyamic shape ensures you’ll never have to struggle with your umbrella again: as the senz° original floats on the wind instead of fighting it this umbrella is easy to hold with just one hand. Beat the heat with COOLTECH technology! This umbrella is not only storm proof and protects against rain but also reflects the infrared radiation of the sun. Therefore it’s significantly cooler under the umbrella. You also can keep your head cool this summer and you will never have to worry about the sun, the rain and the wind. Features: Heat reflective canopy, storm proof excellence, extra large: shelter for the two of you, light and easy to hold thanks to its shape and fiberglass shaft, no more umbrella struggles: floats on the wind, doesn’t go inside out, 2 year no-nonsense warranty, eyesavers protect your fellow pedestrians, UV protection with UPF50+ canopy, unique shape offers perfect view on the road.
More Information
Made in Netherlands
Brand Senz
Type Umbrella
Collection Accessories
Series Stick
Name Original
Colour Silver
Pattern Cooltech
Material Polyesther
Packaging Luxury sleeve
Technical characteristics Storm proof excellence
Light and easy to hold
Floats on the wind
Doesn’t go inside out
2 Year no-nonsense warranty
Eyesavers protect your fellow pedestrians
UV protection with UPF50+ canopy
Carry your umbrella comfortably with the shoulder strap
Unique shape offers perfect view on the road
Compact size is ideal for one person
Length (cm) 90
Width (cm) 87
Height (cm) 79
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