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Peterson - Hip Flask - Cognac leather - 6 oz / 180 ml

This Peterson stainless steel flask, wrapped in soft-tan cognac leather, is perfect for carrying your favorite spirit to any special occasion with style and comes with a small funnel that will help avoid spilling any of your beverages while filling the flask. Dismiss losing track of the lid with a bolt-on arm attached to the top. Dressed in soft, tan leather, this model is an old-school must-have with modern flair.
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Interesting to know:

The name ‘Hip Flask’ originates from the fact that it may be placed in a hip pocket of trousers or inside a coat or blazer. The latter is the best because it will not warm the alcohol, while the hip pocket will. Carrying it in the trouser pocket makes it more prone to breaking, bending, or appearing obvious.

Due to the high tensions and serious penalties surrounding alcohol usage during the prohibition in the United States, many people used hip flasks to hide their drinks from officials. People who carried hip flasks were referred to as “hipsters”. A lot of men and women would conceal their flasks within their boots, which is where the phrase “bootlegger” comes from too.

More Information
Made in Ireland
Brand Peterson
Collection Accessories
Type Flask
Colour Brown
Pattern High polished chrome
Material Stainless steel with brown leather
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